Our worship of God here each Sunday is about him - not us.  Sometimes we get it right - sometimes we don't.  We're just simple followers of Jesus.  Nothing fancy here.  We laugh and cry, struggle and party, mourn and dance - together.  And we always try to keep it real.

We intentionally try not to be the church you are used to.  And it's not for everyone.  If it's not for you - that's OK.  There are many good churches in our area that might be a better fit for you.

Maybe you're tired of struggling with the messiness of life.  Maybe you're searching for authentic relationships.  Maybe you're sick of rules and religion. Maybe you're just ready for a fresh start.

Maybe.  Just maybe, Watermark Church will work for you.  It works for us.

Welcome to Watermark.  Welcome to grace. _________________________________________________________________________________

Service time:    Sundays, 10:30am - 11:35am 

What to expect:  Casual clothes, gourmet coffee, relaxed atmosphere, friendly                       people, contemporary music, non-threatening environment -                         grace-based preaching, relationships, grace, mercy, compassion.

What not to expect:  Judgmentalism, rules, guilt, shame, condemnation.   

Directions:      From Jackson:  Take Hwy 42N to 1440 Brookwood Avenue (on the                       right)

                 From McDonough:   Take Hwy 42S to Jackson.  1440 Brookwood                         Avenue is on the left.